Social Responsability


The social and environmental commitment of the INMAIA group is embodied in the Forest Development Plan (DEFOR), an attractive strategic alliance plan with farmer partners and Balsa wood producers for the supply of Balsa seeds and seedlings, together with the technical advice of the care and maintenance of the plantations, with the commitment of the future acquisition of the wood at the time of its forestry exploitation, aligned with the group's reforestation commitment. We invite you to learn more about the DEFOR plan and be part of the change we all want for our environment from the wood industry.

As part of the group's social responsibility and reforestation activities, 20,000 fruit trees were planted around the city of Quevedo in 2019 to increase the urban green index in coordination with the Quevedo mayor's office.

Another of the emblematic social projects of the INMAIA group was the planting of 10 hectares of Guayacán Blanco trees in the ring road of the Quevedo – Quito road, with the aim of creating social awareness among citizens and educating them about caring for the environment.

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