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The INMAIA group has more than 30 years of experience working for developing the wood industry and environmental care in Ecuador. It has high-quality standards certified by ISO 9001-2015 and several international awards that prove its long experience and recognized prestige. Its production centers are in Buena Fe, Los Ríos, where Balsa crops are concentrated, and two in Durán, Guayas, near the most important seaport in the country.

The installed capacity of these group production centers adds up to more than 2,000 m³ per month of wood-derived products, exported mainly to:

Industrial applications of products derived from Balsa wood.

Wind Industry

For the manufacture of the propellers of the energy wind turbines.

Railway Industry

The composite material serves as a coating.

Maritime Industry

Yachts and high-speed boats, as a composite material for coating.

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